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Supporting children, birth parents and adoptive families

Our Adoption program provides support and counselling to parents considering adoption of their child aged 0-12 months.

Our Adoption Program also conducts assessments of prospective adoptive parents under guidance of Adoptions Victoria, and provides supervision of adoption placements and support to adoptive families.

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Consideration around placing your child for adoption is a difficult and emotional process.

CatholicCare Victoria’s Adoption Program works with families to ensure that decisions are made in the best interests of children, and where possible, and with support, we aim to keep families together. 

We also provide support to adoptive families, which includes facilitation of contact with the child’s birth parents. If necessary, support can continue even after the adoption has been legalised.

Learn more about adoption on the Victorian Government Department of Justice and Community Safety below.

Adopt a child 

You can find information about the differences between adoption and permanent care through this link above, or by visiting our Permanent Care webpage.

Support for birth parents
  • You are welcome to contact us
    Regardless of where you live in Victoria, our social workers can travel to meet you at your place of residence.
  • We respond to your needs
    You can rest assured we will respect your cultural background and your needs and wishes throughout the adoption process.
  • We provide relevant information
    We make sure you have everything you need to understand the adoption process.
  • We’ll help you make informed decisions
    We encourage you to explore all options for care of your child and help you make an informed decision about their future.
  • Counselling and support is available
    We offer counselling and support around contact and information exchange with the adoptive family.

Support for adoptive parents
  • We provide full support with parenting, contact and any issues after your child has been placed with you.
  • Our support can continue after the Adoption Order has been granted, when there is need for this additional support.

How do I access this service?

Birth parents considering adoption of their child who are living in Victoria can access our Adoption program by contacting our Footscray office.

Community service organisations and health professionals can make referrals into this program by contacting us.

Families wishing to become adoptive parents need to contact Adoptions Victoria by emailing adoptionsvic@justice.vic.gov.au or calling (03) 8608 5700.


There is no charge to access this service.

This service is funded by the Victorian State Government Department of Justice and Community Safety.

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Contact us

Our Adoption program is offered state-wide from our Footscray office.
To make a booking or enquire about this service, please contact us:

T (03) 9689 3888
E apc@catholiccarevic.org.au



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