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Asylum Seeker Support

Providing safety, security and a sense of place 

The Asylum Seeker Support program works in collaboration with parishes to arrange supported housing, provide practical help, and advocate for families and individuals seeking asylum.

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Practical support, referrals & advocacy for asylum seekers

Without supported housing and a sense of security, asylum seekers can feel incredibly vulnerable. They can be prone to poor mental health, language barriers and social isolation.

At CatholicCare Victoria we provide practical help to the asylum seeker families and individuals who receive supported housing through this program.

Our asylum seeker support includes:

  • supported housing, which is often enabled by local parishes and volunteers
  • financial support for food, clothes and utility bills
  • referrals to services such as counselling and educational workshops
  • advocacy for families seeking asylum
  • links to local community groups
  • links to support services for families

Please note that there is limited housing available.

Tailored support from parish volunteers

Volunteers from parishes help support families depending on their individual needs and circumstances. This can include:

  • family visitation
  • homework support 
  • material aid 
  • group activities
  • English language practice
  • community engagement

Support and information is available to those who speak languages other than English.

How do families access this service?

We take referrals from frontline asylum seeker support agencies including Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Australian Red Cross, Foundation House and the Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project.

Please contact our Dandenong office for more information.


There is no charge to access this service.

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Our Asylum Seeker Support service is delivered in partnership with parish volunteers.
To enquire about this service, please contact our Dandenong office.

(03) 8710 9600



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