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Community Connections

Support for people with complex needs

The Community Connections outreach service provides advocacy support and referrals to essential health and social services.

If you are living in low-cost accommodation, are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and are in need of social, emotional or health support, our Community Connections service can be of help.

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Find the right support for you

It can be difficult to find and access the services that are right for you when you’re going through a difficult time.

Our Community Connections team can advocate for your needs and refer you to specialist/community services that suit your specific needs and situation.

Our Community Connections outreach service can support people who are experiencing or have:

  • Acquired Brain Injury 
  • intellectual or physical disability
  • mental illness

and who:

  • are aged
  • live in Supported Residential Services (SRS) accommodation
  • live in a rooming house or private hostel
  • are homeless or at risk of homelessness
How do I access this service?

Individuals, carers, and family members can access the Community Connections service by calling the location listed below.

Community service organisations and health professionals can make referrals into the Community Connections service through Connecting Care or by calling us.


There is no charge to access this service.

The Community Connections service is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments under the HACC program.

More information

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Contact us

The Community Connections service is offered at our Ballarat office.
To access or enquire about this service, please contact us:

T (03) 5337 8999



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