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Disability Employment Services

Support for job seekers and employers

Disability Employment Services (DES) assists job seekers with a permanent disability to find and retain suitable employment.

DES can provide you with regular, ongoing support in the workplace, along with support for employers to retain workers with disability.

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Find and retain employment that’s right for you

Our staff will work with you to find suitable employment options, and support you to maintain your employment once you’ve started working.

Our no-barriers approach is all about addressing YOUR needs, listening to your story, and finding the best solutions for you.

We can provide you with employment support for at least 52 weeks (one year).

Practical and financial assistance for employers

A range of free services are available to employers including help to employ and retain workers with disability, and access to a range of financial incentives and support.

How do I access this service?

Individuals, carers, family members and employers can access this service by calling the locations listed below.


There is no charge to access this service.

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Client Rights and Responsibilities 

Zero Tolerance to Abuse

CatholicCare Victoria is committed to the safety of all of our clients, regardless of age, gender, disability, cultural or religious beliefs.

We have a Zero Tolerance approach to abuse of any kind, including physical, psychological, financial or sexual.

All CatholicCare Victoria staff who work with clients with a disability participate in the Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme, and sign the Disability Worker Code of Conduct. 

You can read more about the Code of Conduct here.

For more information and Easy English Guides relating to abuse and safety, visit the Disability Services Commissioner website.

Additional support for Carers

At CatholicCare Victoria we recognise the important role that Carers play within our clients lives. We also acknowledge that many of our clients are Carers themselves.

If you are a Carer, you can find information, assistance and support on the Carers Victoria website. This website also includes information that may assist Carers from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural backgrounds, as well as Carers from the LGBTQI+ community.

Assistance from Advocates

CatholicCare Victoria is committed to assisting our clients access and use of Advocates. 

Advocates may be informal (friends, Carers, relatives) or formal, and can help you navigate the services provided by CatholicCare Victoria.

If you require an Advocate or would like to have your existing Advocate act on your behalf, please speak to your case manager.

Information on Advocacy and finding an Advocate can be found on the OPA website.

Do you have a complaint relating to DES?

CatholicCare Victoria welcomes all forms of feedback from our clients.

We encourage you to complete a feedback form on our website, or you can complete one in person at any your nearest office.

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Disability Employment Services are offered at the following locations. We also provide this service in Avoca through outreach.
To make a booking or enquire about this service, please select your nearest office:



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