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Family Preservation and Reunification Response

Supporting families to stay together

The Family Preservation and Reunification Response supports families to keep children safely at home, prevent children’s entry into out-of-home care, and safely reunify children recently placed in care with their family.

Families with children aged 0-18 years old who are involved with Child Protection, who are at risk of safety concerns escalating or who have children recently placed in out-of-home care, can access this service.

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Help for families experiencing difficulties in the home

The Family Preservation and Reunification Response is an innovative approach providing children and families with the right support, when and where they need it most.

Through this service, we aim to improve outcomes for children and families by keeping children safely in the care of their families.

Our team supports families who are experiencing difficulties which have an impact on child safety and wellbeing. These may include (but are not limited to):

  • alcohol and other drugs
  • child development
  • disability
  • family conflict
  • family violence
  • financial difficulties
  • grief and loss
  • illness
  • mental health
  • parenting difficulties
  • separation issues
  • social isolation
  • trauma


Flexible, tailored support for families

Our Family Preservation and Reunification Response team provides relational, evidence-informed and targeted support to children and families through a collaborative approach.

Our team works to:

  • understand the need – we engage and plan with children and families
  • link up – we connect and refer families to community services
  • build safety – we respond to family needs; improve health, wellbeing and relationships; promote healing; and strengthen cultural identity
  • create opportunities – we empower families to build self-sufficiency and manage change, and increase community connectedness.


How do I access this service?

This service is only available to families who are involved with Child Protection.

Community service organisations and health professionals can make referrals into the Family Preservation and Reunification Response program by contacting their local Orange Door or Child FIRST intake.

Visit the website below to find contact details for your nearest intake.

The Orange Door 


There is no charge to access this service

This service is funded by the Victorian State Government Department of Families Fairness & Housing, and by McKillop Family Services.

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The Family Preservation and Reunification Response is offered at the following locations. 

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