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Financial Counselling

Gain control of your financial situation

Our Financial Counselling service empowers people to improve their financial situation and deal with debts or other financial struggles. 

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and/or you are stressed by your financial situation, speaking with a financial counsellor can help.

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Free, confidential counselling to get you back on track

If you’re feeling stressed or trapped by your financial situation, speaking with a financial counsellor can provide you with realistic options for getting back on track with your finances.

Our financial counsellors can support you if you are:

  • behind in paying bills
  • living with extensive credit card debts
  • borrowing money from friends or family to get you through until your next pay
  • in arrears with loans
  • struggling with changes to your financial circumstances
  • using your credit card to pay for food, rent or household bills
  • receiving calls from debt collectors

Access support and advice for your financial situation 

When you speak with one of our financial counsellors, they will assess your situation and provide you with relevant information, advice and support tailored to you.

Our financial counsellors can:

  • assess you and your family’s financial situation
  • discuss suitable and realistic financial options with you
  • give you ideas and advice for dealing with debts, unpaid bills or fines
  • negotiate with creditors on your behalf
  • help you organise a personal money plan or budget
  • provide information about bankruptcy
  • refer you to other services which may also be of help

To assess your financial situation and needs, we ask that you please bring with you to your appointment:

  • contracts
  • statements of bank accounts
  • letter of demand
  • bills (e.g. electricity, phone, etc)
  • payslips or income statements

How do I access this service?

Anyone experiencing financial difficulty can access our Financial Counselling service by calling our Bendigo office.

Community service organisations and health professionals can make referrals into the Financial Counselling service by contacting us.


There is no charge to access this service.

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Financial Counselling is available at our Bendigo office.
To make a booking or enquire about this service, please contact us:

T (03) 5438 1300 



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