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Geelong Settle Well

Re-settlement support for refugee youth & mothers

Geelong Settle Well is an intensive school-based service providing counselling, employment and education help, opportunities for community participation, and other essential supports for refugees.

This service supports refugee youth and mothers in the Geelong region to settle well and thrive in their new community, and addresses challenges associated with re-settlement.

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Geelong is a priority location for the resettlement of refugees in regional Australia, including Women at Risk.

Giving refugee youth a stronger start in life

Young refugees face the challenges of adolescence combined with the complex challenges of re-settlement in a new country.

Without support, these challenges can form barriers to personal wellbeing, social participation, education, training and employment – the foundations for settling well.

The Geelong Settle Well program for refugee youth provides:

  • on-site support within schools
  • specialised trauma-informed counselling  
  • advocacy and case management, including referrals to other community services 
  • education and training
  • help with finding and applying for tertiary education, paid employment, and volunteering opportunities
  • financial support where needed for school uniforms, enrolment, and other school necessities through our Emergency Relief services

Refugee youth who participate in our Geelong Settle Well program:

  • connect more with their school and education
  • find pathways to further education, training and employment
  • gain confidence to achieve their career aspirations
  • increase their sense of wellbeing and social participation 

The CALD Women’s Group supporting refugee mothers 

Social isolation, language barriers, and past trauma often experienced by refugees impacts their personal wellbeing and opportunities to settle well in their new community.

Refugee mothers have the additional challenge of supporting their children through school while navigating re-settlement.

The CALD* Women's Group is run for the mothers of students who participate in the Settle Well program. Support provided includes:

  • specialised trauma-informed counselling  
  • advocacy and case management, including referrals to other community services 
  • education and training
  • activities, information sessions, and opportunities for community participation  
  • help with finding paid employment and volunteering opportunities
  • financial support for food, utility bills and other necessities through our Emergency Relief service

How do refugee youth and mothers access this service?

Young refugees and asylum seekers aged 15-20 years, who are enrolled at North Geelong Secondary College or Northern Bay College, can access the Geelong Settle Well program.

Refugee mothers of students from these schools can also access Geelong Settle Well.

Referrals can be made by school staff to a CatholicCare Victoria staff member situated within the school. Self-referrals from students and mothers are also welcome.


There is no charge to access this service.

Geelong Settle Well is proudly supported by AccessEAP, the Geelong Community Foundation, and the Give Where You Live Foundation.

More information

Read more about the Geelong Settle Well program:

*CALD: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

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The Geelong Settle Well program is offered in two of Geelong’s secondary schools.
To enquire about this service, please contact our Geelong office.

(03) 5221 7055



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