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Parenting Orders Program

Helping separated families work together to support children

Parenting Orders Programs provide a mix of individual counselling and group education programs for separated families, focusing on the needs of children.

Separated parents are carers can access these programs to learn new skills and/or to meet requirements for Court Orders.

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Access support to reduce conflict and focus on the kids

We all want what’s best for our children. But this can be particularly difficult to manage when parents are in conflict following the breakdown of their relationship.  

Separation or divorce can affect all members of the family, so tailored support and education can help families work together and find solutions in the best interests of the children.

Parenting Orders Programs (POP) can help separated families to: 

  • manage parenting arrangements and contact arrangements 
  • ensure the best interest of the child is their priority 
  • improve communication and cooperation between parents 
  • recognise that the other parent may have a different parenting style
  • be more aware of childrens’ emotional experiences of family separation, even when they seem to be fine on the surface
  • minimise conflict and manage disputes

Our family counsellors can provide support to any and all members of a family going through a separation, including children, grandparents/carers and significant others.

Speaking to a family counsellor can help families cope with change, improve communication and work through issues together.

Parenting Orders Programs cover a range of topics and supports

POP provides a mix of individual counselling and group education programs for separated families who have experienced high parental conflict over an extended period of time, or who want to a gain new skills and insights to improve the co-parenting relationship.

Our programs meet the requirements for Court Orders, although parents may need to complete several programs or combine them with additional counselling sessions to meet the requirements of their Court Order.

Some of the topics covered in our range of programs include: 

  • conflict resolution 
  • understanding children's needs 
  • self-care and self-esteem 
  • improving communication and cooperation 
  • loss and grief 
  • managing difficult emotions in kids 
  • learning how conflict affects children

CatholicCare Victoria’s Parenting Orders Programs are delivered by professionally trained and qualified practitioners who specialise in child, adult and family relationship matters.

Our practitioners are also trained and supervised to operate within the Family Law Act.

Service information

Parenting Orders Programs consist of at least three elements:

  • A one-hour assessment (free)
  • A group program
  • A one-hour individual feedback and counselling session 

One-hour assessment
Those wishing or required to complete a Parenting Orders Program will need to undergo an assessment either in person or over the phone to find the program best suited to their family’s needs.

Certificates of completion
A certificate of completion will be issued at the conclusion of all POP courses, during the individual feedback and counselling session.

How do I access this service?

Separated or separating families (parents, grandparents, significant others and carers) can access POP by contacting one of our offices below.

Community service organisations and health professionals can also make referrals into this program by contacting us.

We offer POP to: 

  • families in the northern and western metropolitan regions of Melbourne, as well as in Geelong and Gippsland regions
  • families who are in conflict regarding parenting arrangements 
  • parents, children and family members who have Parenting Orders from the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court



POP is subsidised by the Commonwealth Government Department of Social Services. A means-tested co-contribution is required from those accessing services.  

Programs, courses and seminars range in cost, but concession cardholders may be eligible for a discount. Please contact us to learn more.

At CatholicCare Victoria we believe everyone should be able to access support for a better life. If you are experiencing financial hardship, we can discuss payment options for you.

More information

We take special care to ensure that separated partners will not be enrolled in the same course on the same date.

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The Parenting Orders Program is offered at the following locations.
To make a booking or enquire about this service, please select your nearest office.

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