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Victorian Family Law Pathways Network

Collaborative opportunities for professionals

The Victorian Family Law Pathways Network (VFLPN) provides networking opportunities, professional development, and information for professionals working in the family law system.

The VFLPN aims to improve coordination between organisations within the family law system, and provides information to families regarding family law services.

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A coordinated network of professionals & family law services

The Family Law Pathways Network is an initiative of the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department.

There are over 30 networks across Australia. In Victoria, there are six: Ballarat, Barwon-South West, Gippsland, Greater Melbourne, Shepparton-Bendigo and Albury-Wodonga – known collectively as the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network (VFLPN).

Each network is made up of a group of multi-disciplinary professionals aiming to improve collaboration between organisations and individuals operating in the family law system.

Improved coordination of services for separating families

Separating and separated families often face a range of problems, and need legal and non-legal advice and support.

Building stronger relationships and networks between professionals helps form a responsive and informed service for separating and separated families trying to navigate the family law system.

The Family Law system depends on cooperation between entities including the Family Law Courts, government agencies and departments, the legal profession, the research sector and community service providers such as police, drug and alcohol, mental health, family violence and Indigenous services.

By encouraging professionals to work together and learn and share information, the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network aims to:

  • promote awareness of services
  • break down barriers to collaboration and encourage information sharing
  • dispel professional myths
  • improve coordination between organisations operating in the family law system
  • cultivate a shared understanding of professional roles/services within the sector

Gain access to latest research & professional development opportunities

All professionals working within the family law sector are invited to join the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network as a member.

VFLPN members can include:

  • allied workers that support families with children
  • counsellors
  • court officers
  • family dispute resolution practitioners
  • judges
  • lawyers

By joining as a member, professionals can:

  • learn about programs, services, aims, challenges and approaches of practitioners working in different areas of the family law
  • learn about the latest research, collaborative projects and developments in family law
  • meet other service providers in person and develop professional contacts at our events
  • give feedback on the network’s services and activities
  • access professional development and training activities including seminars

How do I become a network member?

Professionals working within the family law sector can join the network by submitting a form on the VFLPN website.


There is no charge to become a member of the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network.

This network is subsidised by the Commonwealth Government Attorney General's Department.

More information

CatholicCare is funded to manage the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network in Greater Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo/Shepparton. Visit the VFLPN site for latest news and upcoming events.

The iRefer app developed by the VFLPN provides a service directory of family law services in Victoria.

View or download the iRefer VIC app 

Contact us

To enquire about the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network, please contact one of the network officers below:

Ballarat: 1300 303 988

Greater Melbourne: (03) 9287 5549

Shepparton-Bendigo: (03) 5820 0444

Ballarat FRCEast Melbourne Shepparton


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