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Your First Week on the Job

Prepare for a new journey

Whether this is your first job or your tenth, this guide can help you prepare for your first week in your new role.

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Being punctual is important

Before your first day, make sure that you:

  • practice the best way of getting to work
  • know where you’re going to park
  • keep in mind how long it may take to get from your parking spot to your work
  • check the bus or train timetable in advance
  • arrive 5 to 10 minutes early
  • make childcare arrangements for your children before the day

Bring everything you’ll need

Make sure to bring your lunch, a notepad and pen to take notes! But make sure you also bring your:

  • banking details
  • Tax File Number
  • details for your Superannuation Fund
  • photo ID (e.g. a driver’s license)
  • Working-with-Children card (if you have one)
  • National Police Record check (if you have one)

Know what you’re going to wear

Dress appropriately for the role and business that you are working for.

If unsure, choose something similar to what other employees are wearing or ask your manager.

  • Set your clothes aside the night before to reduce stress and make sure you’re not late on the day
  • Make sure your outfit is clean and tidy 
  • If you have to wear a uniform, makes sure you have enough to get you through the week
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate footwear

Get to know your workplace
  • Find out where the toilet, kitchen and staff room are
  • Show initiative, and listen to your supervisor and co-workers
  • Ask questions about your role, duties and the business
  • Get to know your colleagues. Say hello and introduce yourself
  • Introduce yourself to the Human Resources staff
  • Take the time in your first week to find out company policies on Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), computer use, mobile phone use and all other policies that apply to your role
  • If there are problems, find out who you are able to speak with. Your manager is a good place to start
  • Only take the time allowed for breaks
  • Turn your mobile phone off or put it on silent mode, and only make calls during your breaks
  • If you smoke, find out the company regulations about where and when you can smoke

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