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The importance of Family

Family is one of the largest influential factors in a child’s life. 

Childhood is where we learn the skills and strategies that carry us forward into adolescence; where we then practice these skills and solidify them as we move into adulthood and beyond.

Families are the teachers that pass on a majority of these skills to their children, whether intentionally or otherwise (e.g. through observance).

To ensure children and teenagers learn skills that empower them and help them maintain positive, respectful relationships in their lives, it is consequently important that families practice these skills and maintain positive relationships, too.

Nurturing families

Strong relationships are crucial in life, but maintaining strong relationships takes work.

Relationships refers not only to couple relationships, but more broadly to family members, friends, peers, employers and society!

By nurturing family relationships and building strong bonds within the family, children learn how to then build positive relationships in all aspects of their lives. 

Relationship breakdown or conflict can have great negative effects on an individual and their mental wellbeing, but contrarily, strong, positive relationships can improve one’s mental wellbeing and give them the support to cope with life’s stressors – which are inevitable.

How can we nurture families?

Schools play an important role in reinforcing the skills and strategies kids and teens take with them into adulthood.

By emphasising the important role of families with students, and by helping them to build strong, positive relationships with their families, together we can nurture families and give our children a brighter future.

Family Week is a yearly event that takes place in May, and we encourage schools to celebrate Family Week to support the nurturing and strengthening of families in their local community.

Our CatholicCare team has produced a resource pack for Primary and Secondary schools which includes classroom activities, liturgy resources and fundraising ideas.

By taking part in Family Week with your school from 10-15 May this year, your students also have the opportunity to support refugee and asylum seeker families in Victoria, by fundraising to support CatholicCare’s refugee programs.

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You can also learn more about Family Week at www.ccam.org.au/familyweek 

Liz Gellel | Communications Coordinator

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19 April 2021
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