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A mission to strengthen families

At CatholicCare our mission is to strengthen families and communities. 

There is a connectedness between our family and the broader community of which we are part. 

Feeling safe, secure and loved is really important. As is being challenged constructively to live life to the full, to grow into all that we are as a person.

If we experience this within our family, it will have an enormous flow on effect into the kind of communities we play our part in shaping and forming. 

A grounded “spirituality” can play a big part in shaping families and communities.

Spirituality is about where and how we make meaning, fashion a sense of purpose and direction.

Families of course come in many different shapes and sizes! In this diversity, there is nevertheless a shared yearning that families be, in the truest sense, a sacrament of life and love.

Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life, life to the full”. It’s a way of saying that what I need most, is a family that is “life giving” in every possible way; reflective of a God who is love. 

Out of this then flows communities that are caring, resilient, kind, respectful, and inclusive; but above all, life giving!

Paul Zammit | Senior Manager, Pastoral Care Services

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10 May 2021
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