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5 Meaningful ways to show appreciation on Father’s Day

While a gift might be the first go-to option to show dad appreciation on Father’s Day, there are many other meaningful ways to show love and appreciation on this special day – and beyond.

Today in Australia there are around 4.6 million dads, making up 20% of Australia’s population¹.

But there are many others too whom we can show appreciation to this Father’s Day, including father-figures, stepdads, uncles, grandfathers and even single-parenting mums. 

Sometimes the smallest of things can have the most meaningful impact. A hug. A conversation. A handmade card. Even a smile or a bout of laughter.

Take a look at these five meaningful ways to show appreciation this Father’s Day:

1. Quality time

Spend quality time doing something dad enjoys. This might be playing a board game, watching a movie together, or having a conversation over the phone or through a video call. It can even be something as simple as sitting outside together, bird watching. Setting aside some quality time with no distractions is a heartfelt way to show appreciation to dad.

2. Showing interest

What does dad love to do or talk about? Show interest in what he enjoys by chatting about it and asking questions. You might consider reminiscing on old times, asking about his childhood or first job. You could also consider asking him to show you how to do something he’s good at, and do this together. 

3. Acts of service

Breakfast in bed is perhaps one of the most common acts of service on Father’s Day, but you can make this more special by doing an act of service which has significance for them. This could mean taking on the chores you know they dislike doing, cooking them their favourite meal, or making them a hot drink. If you’re not sure what act of service would be meaningful for them, ask!

4. Words of affirmation

Show appreciation for dad through words – this might be in a card, through a text message or phone call, in a piece of artwork or in a song you’ve made. Telling dad you appreciate him, being specific about his skills or personal traits that you love and appreciate, and saying “I love you” are ways you can use words of affirmation this Father’s Day.

5. Create and continue traditions

If you have a meaningful tradition with dad on Father’s Day, keep it up or reignite the tradition! Traditions are important for making memories and feeling connected with loved ones. If you don’t have a tradition for Father’s Day, some traditions you might consider are taking a family photo (or recreating an old family photo), sitting down for a meal together, setting aside time for a particular activity, or sharing a series of dad-jokes throughout the day! Traditions that are meaningful for your dad can not only be used to show appreciation, but also to strengthen family bonds.

This Father’s Day we keep all dads and father-figures in our thoughts and prayers, including those who have passed.

We wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day this weekend, from the CatholicCare Victoria team.

Liz Gellel | Marketing Coordinator – Digital Lead


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03 September 2021
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