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Finding 2-year-old boy a loving family

Anup* is an adorable two-year-old boy of Indian descent who has been in the care of his current foster family since he was four months old. 

Anup was born with a rare genetic condition, and his parents made a very difficult and emotive decision to place him for adoption.

Anup is currently in a short-term foster care placement, and is in need of a loving, caring forever family.

“Anup’s foster carer and team of health professionals provide him with a strong network of support – and they will extend this support to his new family until Anup’s transition to his forever family is completed,” says Renu Barnes, CatholicCare Victoria Manager of Community Programs.

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Our team have been searching for a forever family for Anup for over one year, and we are now supporting Adoptions Victoria in this search, as we believe every child deserves the love, care and stability of a family to call their own.

The perfect forever family for Anup will be able to keep up with his regular specialist appointments and ongoing medical care; have good support networks amongst their extended family; and have experience and knowledge in caring for children with additional needs.

Anup will receive NDIS funding for the rest of his life, and possibly some funding at the discretion of the Department of Justice and Community Safety, which will cover some specific expenses for his care.

However, the right family must be financially stable and prepared to cover additional health and wellbeing costs. 

If you think you can provide a loving, caring home for Anup, please contact CatholicCare Victoria on (03) 9689 3888 or APC@ccam.org.au

All enquiries are treated confidentially. Please note that enquiries will be forwarded to Adoptions Victoria. 

Please share this article with your family, friends and community to help Anup find a loving forever family.

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Changes to CatholicCare Victoria’s state-wide adoption program

In view of the current and ongoing adoption reform, as of 1 October 2021 the Department of Justice and Community Safety – Adoptions Victoria will become guardians of all children who have been placed for adoption in Victoria.

This change means CatholicCare Victoria will continue to provide options counselling and placement support, but will no longer approve adoption applications.

“We will continue to work with parents and families to explore all avenues before they make the final decision to relinquish their child,” says Renu. “For some families, we are able to provide them with the support they need to keep their children. But it’s our priority to ensure decisions made are always in the best interests of the children.”

While adoption applications will now be handled by the Department of Justice and Community Safety, CatholicCare Victoria will continue to provide support to families before and after an adoption order has been made.

Enquiries regarding Anup’s adoption will be taken by CatholicCare Victoria, and then passed on to the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

Learn more about the Department of Justice and Community Safety Adoption program here: https://www.justice.vic.gov.au/your-rights/adoption 

And learn more about CatholicCare Victoria’s Adoption service here: https://www.catholiccarevic.org.au/directory/services/adoption 

*Name and image have been changed to protect privacy.

This article has been updated and adapted from ‘The search for a special, loving family’ published in December 2020.

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05 October 2021
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