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Community bands together for mental health

CatholicCare Victoria attended the Let’s Talk on the Green community event on Friday 29th April in Warrnambool.

The event, hosted by the Let’s Talk Foundation, invited the Warrnambool community to come together and openly talk about mental health, connect with local services and join in solidarity for mental wellbeing.

Our mental health impacts our everyday lives: it affects how we think, feel and act, and so it is important that mental health support is accessible for all.

There is still stigma surrounding mental health particularly in regional communities of Victoria, but if you’re struggling with mental health, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

Mental health concerns are something that many individuals face, in fact, one in five Victorians experience a mental health condition each year¹.

Let’s talk Foundation identifies some tips to keep in mind when it comes to our mental health and reiterates the importance of communication;

Learn self-care: Find ways to look after yourself and maintain your mental wellbeing

Express your feelings: Sharing how you feel is important to improving mental health

Tell someone: Make sure those around you are aware if you’re struggling, so they can help

Remember someone loves you: The important people in your life are just a phone call aware

Talk: If someone around you doesn’t seem themselves, start a conversation

Ask: A simple question like ‘how are you going’ can get a conversation started

Listen: Showing someone you care can improve their state of mind

Keep talking: The more we talk about mental health, the less stigma it will carry²


CatholicCare Victoria were grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Let’s Talk on the Green event with the Warrnambool community, promoting our mental health and wellbeing support services. These services included Counselling, the Victims Assistance Program, and Regional Parenting programs.


Pictured below are some photos from the day, including some of CatholicCare Victoria’s staff members ready to chat with the Warrnambool community!

Jacinta, Manager of CatholicCare Victoria’s Victim Assistance Program shared some feedback from the day,

 “It was great to take time out and attend the Let’s Talk on the Green event in Warrnambool. It was nice to speak to community members and promote our services available to the Warrnambool region. It was also great to learn about the work of other organisations.”

Jenny Phillips | Communications Officer - External Communications Lead



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02 May 2022
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