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Fundraising dinner at Catholic Regional College Sydenham

On Tuesday 6 September 2022, Catholic Regional College in Sydenham hosted our Community Engagement Coordinator, Kalma Rathouski at Quatrefoils Restaurant, for a fundraising dinner.

Kalma enjoyed a three-course dinner in their very own restaurant where their students learn skills in high-end hospitality. Catholic Regional College hosts many small businesses such as framing, café, bakery, hair and beauty. They teach the skills required but also business skills so that the students are well equipped to operate a small business. Each business is financially self-sufficient in its own right.

Photos: Kalma presenting on the work of CatholicCare Victoria; Tiramisu dessert by CRC Sydenham's Quatrefoils Restaurant.

Kalma had the pleasure of meeting a couple that were members of the local community who were enjoying a dinner out at Quatrefoils. Along with Kalma they enjoyed bingo, a raffle and entertainment. She learnt that this couple has been supporting CatholicCare Victoria for over 30 years!

CatholicCare Victoria thanks the staff and students of Catholic Regional College and community members that attended the dinner, for their support.

Kalma Rathouski | Community Engagement Coordinator

19 September 2022
Category: News