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Celebrating our 'circle of inclusion' this Family Week

Family Week is an annual campaign held in May, coinciding with National Families Week.

As part of this campaign, schools across Victoria celebrate families, in all their diversity, and reflect on the influence families have in our lives and communities. 

This year’s Family Week theme is Circle of Inclusion

It is a chance to celebrate the people we welcome into our circle, from our immediate family to our closest friends and loved ones, through to our school family and the wider community. 

It is also a chance to reflect on those in our circle and the importance of accepting, valuing and celebrating the unique circle of inclusion we all find ourselves in. 

We encourage schools to celebrate Family Week to support the nurturing and strengthening of local communities, because families are the building blocks of community.  

To help with your reflection on this year’s theme, our team at CatholicCare Victoria have developed a free resource pack filled with classroom activities, liturgy resources and fundraising ideas. 

Participating in Family Week 2023 will also give your students the opportunity to support families in Victoria facing significant hardships, by fundraising to support CatholicCare Victoria’s family programs and services.  

Funds raised will support programs which help families experiencing domestic violence, disability, homelessness, social isolation, poverty and mental health challenges.  

Sign up for Family Week 2023 and receive your free school resource pack below. 

Register for Family Week 

If your school is participating in Family Week, spread the word!

Download the Family Week poster, social media tile, and newsletter entry to promote Family Week in your community here.

You can also learn more about Family Week here.

22 March 2023
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