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Cognitive and Educational Assessments

Evaluating children's verbal and non-verbal skills to understand learning needs

Schools and parents can use cognitive/educational assessments to understand the learning and behavioural needs of their children. These assessments can also be used to apply for funding for appropriate learning supports.

CatholicCare's assessments are conducted by trained and qualified psychologists and include a comprehensive report of the assessment outcomes.

What assessments are available?

The cognitive assessments that CatholicCare offers include the most recent Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children (WISC-V and WPPSI-IV), and adaptive assessment using the Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales (Vineland-3) is also available when appropriate.

Other investigative tools such as the Child Behaviour Checklist can be offered if required to screen for behavioural concerns.


The assessment report can assist with planning for educational and behavioural needs, and can be used to apply for funding for literacy, numeracy and special learning support for students.

The service includes an assessment which is conducted on site at the school, a comprehensive written report, and a verbal feedback session for teachers and parents.


Parents and schools can request a cognitive assessment for a child at any time.


A fee is charged for this service. Assessment cost is dependent on whether schools have a School Counselling contract with CatholicCare.

For more information you can view the cognitive assessments flyer on our Publications page. 

More information

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For more information on this service please contact the Schools Unit at our East Melbourne office:

T: 03 9287 5555 

E: CatholicCare@ccam.org.au


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