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Relationships Matter!

Workshops for secondary school students to help build healthy relationships

Relationships Matter! is a suite of school-based interactive workshops for students from years 7-12. The workshops explore skills, attitudes and behaviours that develop, identify and maintain healthy relationships and provide dynamic, fun and inspiring ways for young people to reflect on their strengths, skills and values.  


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How are the workshops run?

The workshops are facilitated by trained educators. They can be tailored to meet the needs of the school and the particular cohort of participating students. Workshops are a minimum of 90 minutes to a day in duration with a maximum number of 60-70 students per workshop.

What are the workshops about?

Topics can be tailored to individual schools. Our current workshops include: 

  • Building Positive Relationships - how to identify, develop and maintain healthy relationships
  • From Boys to Men - a reflection on who boys are now, and who they aspire to be
  • I am Woman - a workshop reflection on who girls are now, and who they aspire to be
  • Outside the Gates - how to have relationships with people outside school. E.g. bosses, coaches
  • Media Influence - how to recognise and deal with the impact of media
  • Relationology - the benefits and challenges of technology in connecting with others
  • Having You in Mind - how to have positive relationships and prevent mental illness

Where are the workshops available?

Workshops are conducted in schools throughout Melbourne and Geelong. 

They can also be part of school events, for example, school camps and reflection days.


Please contact us for a quote.  

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To enquire about Relationships Matter! please contact our Relationship Education team:

T: 03 9287 5555

E: RelationshipEducation@ccam.org.au


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