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An important day for Catholic Social Services

Thanks to the vision of Archbishop Peter, Bishop Paul, Bishop Shane and Bishop Greg, 1 January 2021 is such an important day in the future of Catholic Social Services in Victoria."

John Sheldon

CatholicCare Victoria Chair

When the clock ticked over to 2021, Centacare Ballarat, CatholicCare Melbourne/Gippsland and CatholicCare Sandhurst officially merged to become CatholicCare Victoria – the culmination of many months of careful consideration and due diligence.

No fanfare or fireworks; just the quiet dawning of a new future for Catholic social services in the state of Victoria, and the anticipation of hope and opportunity to do more for the individuals, families and communities we serve.

So what exactly has changed?

For now, we are providing all services as before, and clients can expect the same high quality services from the offices and people they have come to know. 

People can contact us using our existing telephone numbers and email addresses. We will be changing over to new emails in the coming months, but we will give plenty of notice when this will be happening.

We have a new logo – but for now, we are still operating three websites. We will be working to consolidate to one website in the coming months. The same goes for our social media platforms.

The CatholicCare Victoria CEO, Executive and Board have commenced planning the priority work for 2021, including roadmaps for integration and strategic planning. We will keep you informed as our plans develop.

John Sheldon, Chair of CatholicCare Victoria said “We are looking to expand our services to meet the unfulfilled demands of our clients and to reach those that we perhaps have not been able to in the past.” 

“Whether that be through a stronger geographic reach or greater access to funds to allow us to expand our service offerings - as a larger and stronger organisation - we must use this strength to advocate for those most in need.”

“That is our challenge, and one which I am sure we all accept with hope and enthusiasm.”

2021 is going to be a big year for CatholicCare Victoria. 

Bernadette Garcia | Executive Manager Communications, Fundraising and Marketing

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14 January 2021
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