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Client Rights and Responsibilities

Information for service users

All clients of CatholicCare Victoria have the right to be treated in a respectful and considerate manner; to feel safe; to be heard and informed; and to receive high quality services.

We also have a set of expectations for those accessing our services to ensure the safety of our staff, and to ensure that we can provide you with the best support services possible.


Your rights 

At CatholicCare, all clients have the right to:

Be respected
  • We will treat you with respect, courtesy and dignity.
  • We will respect your religious and cultural values.
Be safe
  • We will provide services and spaces that are safe for adults and children.
  • We will actively work to listen to, empower and protect children.
  • We will maintain a zero tolerance of child abuse. 
Be informed
  • We will provide you with information to help you make decisions about your services. 
  • We will ask you for your consent to collect and share information about you and give you access to your information. 
Be heard
  • We will ask you how we can be of help.
  • We will listen to your feedback about your experiences with us.
Receive high quality services 
  • We will provide high quality services delivered by qualified staff.
  • We will maintain your confidentiality and privacy unless otherwise required by law.

Your responsibilities 

As a client, we will ask you to:
  • Be respectful of other clients, staff and volunteers, their safety and property.
  • Keep appointments or call if unable to do so.
  • Pay any fees at the time of your service.
  • Provide us with feedback on your experience with us.
  • Provide accurate and complete information so that we can provide the best possible services to you and your family.

More Information

Child Safety at CatholicCare 

Give us Feedback

If you have a compliment, complaint, or suggestion about the service you have received, you can call the office where you have received your service, or fill out our online feedback form.

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