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Responding to past wrongs

CatholicCare Victoria acknowledges the actions we have taken in the past and apologise for the harm caused and the trauma that continues. 

We are committed to redressing the impacts with the communities who have been harmed.

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Statement to those impacted by child sexual and other abuse

The Catholic Church’s Truth Justice and Healing Council has acknowledged the grave mismanagement of the Child Sexual Abuse scandal.

CatholicCare Victoria stands in solidarity with all those affected by abuse: children, vulnerable adults and others. Abuse of any form, be it sexual, physical, psychological, financial, and spiritual. To those abused, to families, loved ones and friends who have suffered with you and alongside you; to the wider community for the failure of CatholicCare Victoria to live up to the values to which we aspire: we are sorry.

We acknowledge many people have suffered and continue to suffer. There have been too many failures and too many damaged lives and communities.

We acknowledge and apologise for the failure of the organisations who are now CatholicCare Victoria to stand in solidarity with and advocate for victim survivors.

We acknowledge the Australian Government’s National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (22 October 2018).

Catholic Social Teaching speaks about enhancing the life and dignity of people, especially those who are vulnerable because they have suffered. To those who have suffered because of actions and inactions of Catholic leaders, we are deeply conscious of your enduring pain and suffering, both of victim survivors and their families. At CatholicCare Victoria we prioritise the ongoing protection of children and young people.

We will advocate for just and compassionate responses to the needs and claims of victim survivors. We are uncompromisingly committed to criminal behaviour being treated as such, and that criminal behaviour is immediately reported to the appropriate authorities.

We thank those who have found the courage to step forward and shine a light on the dark corners of this story. Many steps have already been taken to ensure that the present and the future are very different from the past. We must now consolidate what has already been done and, in the light of the Report of the Royal Commission, take any and all further steps open to us to make sure that CatholicCare Victoria is a place of absolute safety and security for children, young people, vulnerable adults and indeed everyone who engages with us.

With humility, hope and a listening ear, we seek to share your journey of healing.

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