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CatholicCare Victoria


At CatholicCare Victoria we empower people to make positive changes in their life, and help build the skills and support networks they need to overcome the challenges they face.

Our vision of thriving communities is one where people live with dignity, choice and empowerment. Where individuals are connected, and wellbeing is nurtured. Where everyone can live life to the full.

African mum and dad walking on the beach with young son on dad's shoulders.

Thriving communities can only be achieved in partnership with others, including governments, and the corporate, education and community sectors. We also need to journey with individuals, families, and communities – giving them a voice to determine what is best for them.

We advocate on an individual level, a community level and to local, state and federal governments.

This means that we act with or on behalf of an individual or group to resolve an issue, obtain a needed support or service or promote a change in the practices, policies and/or behaviours of third parties.

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