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New self-help mental health service for parents, families and individuals

The demand for mental health services is becoming more prominent as we endure a pandemic, with many juggling both work and schooling from home, being isolated from loved ones, experiencing loss of employment, and struggling to afford food and rent.

In this ever-changing and challenging environment, it is important now more than ever for people to be able to access the mental health support they need, when they need it. 

From March 2020 to April 2021 over 15 million mental health related services were provided nationally through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and more recently in Victoria, during the month of April 2021 over 300,000 MBS mental health related services were accessed, which was higher than anywhere else in Australia¹. 

With the increased need for mental health services throughout COVID-19, waiting lists have lengthened and waiting times exacerbated.

As a response to this demand, CatholicCare Victoria has recently commenced a new state-wide mental health service with minimal wait times, called the Psychological Wellbeing Service. 

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Based in our Mildura office, the Psychological Wellbeing Service provides assistance and self-help resources for anyone experiencing mental health difficulties including anxiety, trauma and depression.

The service also supports parents with children and adolescents who are displaying disruptive, avoidant or withdrawn behaviour, and supports adults experiencing compulsive behaviours including moderate drug and alcohol problems.

Using evidence-based therapies, our Psychological Wellbeing Service clinicians provide mental health support focused on self-help skill learning to aid in recovery, such as problem-solving skills, progressive muscle relaxation, and cognitive behavioural therapy as a more intensive support. 

The service is delivered in a safe and confidential environment by qualified clinicians, with the aim of providing support for recovery. 

Manager of the Psychological Wellbeing Service, Graeme Davy-Watts, has been involved in developing the service over the last two years.

Having been in the new role and delivering the service for almost five months now, Graeme has received encouraging feedback:

“Clients have been pleased to be offered a timely service as we can usually offer an appointment within just a few days of receiving a referral. We have had feedback that the option of receiving the service by telephone can be the difference between getting help or not. We often receive this feedback from parents or carers who are looking after children during their appointments,” shared Graeme.

Offering a tailored community-based service, the Psychological Wellbeing Service assists families and individuals who have experienced barriers to accessing mental health care, including those living in rural communities and people with long-term health problems.

“Even at the beginning [of consultation], clients can feel less overwhelmed by problems which they have often experienced since childhood. Clients also find it helpful that they are not being judged and it is easier to talk about their difficulties than they initially thought,” said Graeme.

The service is accessible state-wide through telehealth options, as well as through face-to-face sessions from our Mildura office. 

If you think the Psychological Wellbeing Service could assist you, your family or someone you know please call our Mildura office on (03) 5051 0000 or email enquiries@centacaremildura.org.au to make a booking.

To learn more, visit our webpage below.

Psychological Wellbeing Service 

Jenny Phillips | Marketing & Communications Officer

¹Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

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04 October 2021
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