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Open Doors has joined with CatholicCare Victoria

We are excited to announce that today on 21 December 2022, Open Doors has integrated with CatholicCare Victoria - bringing together 223 years of compassionate care and support. 

Open Doors provides a nationwide and international non-directive counselling service, based in Ringwood, which supports individuals and couples affected by unplanned pregnancy or pregnancy loss and other related issues.

Open Doors also provides values-based educational resources about sexuality, sexual decision making, resilience and relationships, to improve health outcomes for children and adolescents and enhance the building of healthy adult relationships. 

Alison and Agnes.Photo: Alison Campbell Rate (Executive Director, Open Doors) with Agnes Sheehan (CEO, CatholicCare Victoria).

The Open Doors programs will re-commence under CatholicCare Victoria in mid-late January 2023.

“We welcome the Open Doors community with open arms. We are so grateful for this opportunity to continue Open Doors' compassionate work and mission," says Agnes Sheehan, CatholicCare Victoria CEO.

What is non-directive counselling?

An unplanned pregnancy can be a lonely, frightening time and answers aren't simple, especially if an individual or couple is feeling pressure to make decisions in a hurry without full information and access to the various supports that are available.

Open Doors provides non-directive counselling, which gives individuals and couples the support they need to consider their situation and options, without judgement. Non-directive counselling does not make decisions for the client and does not promote or encourage decisions towards any one option.  

Liz Gellel | Marketing Coordinator – Digital Lead

21 December 2022
Category: News