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School Counselling

Supporting students in Primary and Secondary schools

Our School Counselling Service offers a range of programs for students and their families, to identify problems and intervene early to improve student wellbeing.

We provide individual counselling support for students and clinical assessments to guide educational planning.

On-site counselling for schools

We employ psychologists with specialisations in educational, clinical and counselling psychology and place them within a school community. Teachers, students and families within the school can refer students to a counsellor.

School counselling is private communication between a counsellor and a student. Speaking to a counsellor allows students to discuss their social and emotional issues in a safe, non-judgemental and non-threatening environment.

Counsellors assist children and teenagers to develop strategies for dealing with issues of concern to the student. The issues a student experiences may be getting in the way of their educational participation; impacting on their friendships and other relationships; causing them stress or anxiety; or may be resulting in depression, eating disorders, behavioural problems or poor sleep.


Student counselling helps children and teenagers to better manage social and emotional issues, supports improved mental health, and reduces the likelihood of them engaging in risk taking behaviour. It supports them to develop ways to stay happy and healthy, and to improve their experience of school.

Having a student counsellor in your school can also help school communities better respond to sometimes challenging issues such as self-harm, bullying, depression, anxiety and risky behaviours.

It also enables students to get support which they may otherwise not have been able to access outside of school.


Student Counselling is purchased by schools across Greater Melbourne, Geelong and Gippsland. All students within that school community are eligible for this service.

These services are available to all schools – our counsellors are clinically trained psychologists who work with students from any faith.


Fees are not charged to individual students or their families. School purchase of this service covers all ongoing costs.

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For more information on this service please contact the Schools Unit at our East Melbourne office:

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E: CatholicCare@ccam.org.au


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