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Exploring Job Vacancies

Find the right job for you

Discover where to search for work, who can help you find work, and how to deal with disappointment if you don’t get the job! 

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Where to look for jobs

You may find work through:

  • job advertisements online (search on Jobs Victoria, Seek, and indeed)
  • company websites
  • local newspapers and employment agencies
  • registering online with employers
  • cold canvassing at businesses that you would like to work and providing them with a cover letter and resume
  • social media, including LinkedIn

Learn about cold canvassing - how to directly approach employers to find employment:

Cold Canvassing  

Try searching for jobs on these websites:

Australian Job Search Seek 

Seek help from others

A great way to maximise your chance of gaining employment is to enlist the help of others.


  • registering with employment agencies
  • networking among your community, friends and family
  • accessing an employment service with us at CatholicCare Victoria
Dealing with disappointment if you don’t get the job

It’s completely normal to make a range of job applications before getting a job.

Just remember:

  • don’t take it personally
  • focus on your strengths
  • stay positive - the right job is about the right fit for you as well as the business
  • find ways to improve –  take a fresh look at your application
  • get someone else to read your application to provide constructive feedback
  • practise your interview skills
  • practise your cold calling skills
  • don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on your application / interview
  • keep applying for new opportunities

 You might also consider:

  • exploring other training options
  • looking at short courses to upskill
  • expanding your job search

Discover more free tips and resources to help with your job applications:

Selection Criteria Cover Letters Resumes 

Other services

You might also be interested in some of the following services offered at CatholicCare Victoria: