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Integrated Family Services

Improving wellbeing for vulnerable families

Integrated Family Services (IFS) provides in-home support and parenting skill development to assist families experiencing multiple difficulties. 

IFS works with families with children 0-18 years old who are at risk of welfare concerns escalating and Child Protection becoming involved, if problems are not addressed.

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Supporting vulnerable families with children under 18 years of age

Our Family Support Workers assist families who are experiencing multiple difficulties such as parenting challenges, family violence and mental health issues.

Integrated Family Services aims to protect children and young people and strengthen family relationships, setting achievable personal goals that parents and children can work towards.

IFS is for children and families who may be experiencing the impacts of multiple issues, which may include:

  • alcohol and other drugs
  • child development
  • disability
  • family conflict
  • family violence
  • financial difficulties
  • grief and loss
  • illness
  • mental health
  • parenting difficulties
  • separation issues
  • social isolation
  • trauma

Our Family Support Workers also work with expectant parents to address issues and strengthen relationships, helping create positive home environments before the birth of their child.

A tailored response for families

IFS provides families with the necessary supports to strengthen their relationships, build parenting skills and connect families with their community, leading to better opportunities and outcomes for children.

Our Family Support Workers work with families to understand their specific needs and tailor a response that may include a combination of services such as:

  • intensive in-home support
  • parenting skill development
  • connection and referrals to other community supports
  • advocacy to improve access to other health and wellbeing services
  • case management
  • support groups

IFS referrals are made through Child FIRST intake points

Our Integrated Family Services are delivered through the Child FIRST (Child and Family Information, Referral and Support Teams) Initiative. 

Child FIRST Alliances bring together a range of experienced Family Service providers to deliver an integrated, skilled, targeted and localised support system for vulnerable families.

CatholicCare Victoria provides IFS in the following areas:

How do families access this service?

Community service organisations and health professionals can make referrals into Integrated Family Services by making a referral through one of the Child FIRST local intake points listed above.

For other locations (where IFS is provided by other organisations) please visit the DFFH Victorian State Government website.


There is no charge to access this service

This service is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (Victorian State Government).

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IFS is an outreach service, delivered from the following office locations.
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