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Settle Well Success: Chanduru's story

Back in June, 17-year-old student Chanduru shared his story with us about his journey from India to Australia, and about his dreams for the future.

Today, we’re excited to announce that not only did Chanduru complete his work experience at a local Geelong chemist, but he was also offered a job!

“Chanduru was extremely delighted when he shared with me the great news, and was thankful to us for organising this work experience,” says Nestor, Refugee Child and Family Case Worker.

Student smiling at camera.Photo: Chanduru, North Geelong Secondary College student.

Nestor supports many more students just like Chanduru through the Geelong Settle Well program, which is run within two local Geelong secondary schools.

In FY22 our Settle Well program supported over 100 refugee young people and mothers to help them engage with education and employment opportunities, and to settle well within their local community.

Liz Gellel | Marketing Coordinator – Digital Lead

05 October 2022
Category: News